Discover Bulgaria

Bulgaria-a wonderful combination of nature, ancient culture, healing springs and warm sea… Eyes and heart would be enough to taste the incredible colour of the Balkans, the magical variegation of the Koukers festivals, the motley national costumes, the songs from the Rhodope Mountains and the astonishing beauty of Bulgarian nature.If you are attracted by unique nature, your meetings with Pirin, Rila and Rhodope mountains will leave you exciting memories of alpine mountain peaks, blue lakes, rich flora and fauna.

The Balkan Range crosses lengthwise the Bulgarian territory and the capital Sofia is at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.Positioned on the crossroad between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is the treasury that combines Thracian, Byzantine and Roman culture.

What awaits you are exciting meetings with the brilliant Thracian treasures and tombs, the Karanovka mound, and the ancient Roman amphitheatres…

Bulgaria is famous for its 600 healing mineral water springs. Another main advantage is that the bioclimate and the balneological resources are in rare combinations known as mountain combination and sea combination.

The mixture of wonderful nature and modern Spa-complexes contributes to Bulgaria being a preferred Spa and wellness destination.

Bulgarian lands enjoy the magnificence of four different seasons – fragrant spring, hot summer, golden fruit-bearing autumn and snowy winter. Each season is splendid and brings different types of entertainment - for those who are fans of extreme sports, for those who appreciate good taverns and colourful festivals, for the ones who seek unique natural landmarks and ancient culture…


Location: _e Republic of Bulgaria is a country in Europe, located in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

To the east Bulgaria borders with the Black Sea, to the south with Greece and Turkey, to the west with Republic of Macedonia and Serbia and to the north with Romania

Territory: 110,994 km2

Population (information from NSI): 7_351_234 (as of 01.02.2011)

Climate: average winter temperature: between 0 and 2 °C

Official language: Bulgarian

Alphabet: Cyrillic

Highest point: peak of Musala (2,925 m)

Time zone: GMT (London) +2 (EST+7)

Capital city: Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian lev (1 EUR=1.955 BGN)

Administrative Division: 28 districts, 264 municipalities

Important telephone numbers:

General European Emergency Call: 112