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The most age - old prescription for the good health and longevity is the balneology. From centuries the people use the healing properties of the warm water, bathe in the geysers and the hot springs. The immersion widens the blood vessels to the warm water, accelerates the circulation and accelerates the branch of oxygen in all torso tissues.

Waters can prove farmadynamic effect, alike to the medicines. The sulphate mineral waters are particularly effective with hepatic-bilious diseases. The ferrous sulphate mineral waters lend good healing effect at anemias. The salt mineralized waters are most appropriate for exterior medical bath treatment at arthritic, degenerative and inflammatory diseases as well as at stabbing-orthopedic, neurological and gynecological diseases. The healing act of the gas-sulphuretted hydrogen water is very favorable for the body. The medical bath treatment is routine meant to relax and cleaning the body by chemical and thermal shock. Complex balneal-physical impact has definitely preventive-consolidative and convalescent meaning with respect to the processes to the premature aging. It softens and postpones the age degenerative procedures, excites the working possibilities of the organism, as contributing not only for prolonging the life, but for battening live and longevity as well. Sра & wellness -the advanced style to relax Spa is retrenchment of latin Salus Per Aquam and Sanitas per Aquam and mean a health thought water. It uses itself for resorts or positions with mineral springs and bath. SPA and Wellness - It stands that bettering or lengthening life non-only by a fine health in the physical meaning, to the inner percept of the human as well as well, by achieving entire physical, mental and religious balance and vital tonicity as well. The leavening of the nature components harmonized with the personal comfort and the convinced emotions provide excellent opportunity for sterling mental and physical rest. SPA and Wellness are a synonym in good life for the own body in complex psychophysical spect.

The aqua therapy means the activities with the healthful character, including the movement. They use the calefactory action of the water, relief of joints with the reduced weight of the one who practices to a lesser extent uses the chemical wealth of the water. The hydropathy means the practices in which the human is marked for the different healing, healthful, anti-stress impacts, it’s not necessary the man to be motive active. The chemical influence on the water makes the body favorable effect, by its chemical, vibration, magnetic field and est.

It is important for it is noted that the hydropathy to be a complex word for different therapies, while the beginning-bulgarian word-“balneology” is science for using the different therapies.

Healing vacations and good health plans The healing vacs provide an excellent possibility for in all fortification of the organism, for regenerating from overstrain on arduous physical and mental labor, for full physical and mental rest and relax.The alterative health programs produced by the landscapers can offer dosed exposing the resort components of proving single good influence at conformity.

Bulgaria is one of the leading SPA destinations in Europe. Thereare over 700 mineral springs, the water of which varieс in chemical composition, temperature and properties. Some of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria were based around thermal springs ever since the ancient Thracians. Later these lands were conquered by the Romans, who continued the Thracian tradition and built their Roman therms (baths). The mineral water was used for treatment of various diseases and for fitness. Nowadays, mineral water donates its healing and restorative properties in modern SPAs and sanatoriums and is included into a variety of procedures. When combined with a favorable climate and fresh mountain or marine air, mineral water gives health and fitness in various climatic and SPA resorts in the country.